Monday, November 25, 2013

Charles Spurgeon on Rome

Yep, another one from Chris Pinto, today's radio show, Spurgeon, Rome and the Bible,* in which he reads from Spurgeon's writings in the book Geese in their Hoods (which I've listed in the right margin and is available at one of Chris Pinto's websites). 

Starts out with Spurgeon's exhortation to Christians that we all have the duty to pray against the Antichrist, which he identifies as Rome, and gets into what it means to employ our weapons of warfare which are not carnal but mighty in God for the pulling down of strongholds.  How this is a work for all Christians, with whatever abilities and opportunities the Lord has given us.

Then Spurgeon tells a very amusing sad story about a Catholic Frenchman who put together a book presenting the four gospels in a time when the Bible was forbidden to Catholics. The Pope "infallibly" approves the book, then later condemns it, having discovered that he wasn't supposed to approve of it.

The importance of such a book to Catholics who were forbidden to read the Bible.

Another story from Spurgeon's writings is about a good sermon he happened to hear in a Roman Church, which was preached by a priest who was really giving the truth about Jesus Christ, showing that sometimes even a priest gets it right. Great story.

Well, the priest Charles Chiniquy also got it right. There must be others within the Roman Church still who get it right.

And Pinto goes on about how many ordinary Catholics have a simple faith in Christ and don't understand the official Catholic doctrine, which may save them.

Yet, "Come out of her, My people" the Lord still says to them.

*  It was hitting me today that by giving the links to Chris Pinto's radio shows I'm stealing from him because his shows are only available for free for a few days, after which they roll over into his website for which he charges a yearly fee. If I copy the link individually it remains available from my blog after the free period is up. So I guess the Holy Spirit is convicting me of this and I can only say I'm sorry but I'm going to have to remove all the links I've put up.  I'll continue to advertise the shows and give some kind of synopsis but if they've already passed the free period anybody wanting to hear them will have to pay to enter Chris Pinto's site.  Which in my opinion is well worth it anyway.   From now on I'll give only the URL to his Noise of Thunder website rather than individual radio programs.

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