Monday, November 25, 2013

Charles Spurgeon on Rome

Yep, another one from Chris Pinto, today's radio show, Spurgeon, Rome and the Bible,* in which he reads from Spurgeon's writings in the book Geese in their Hoods (which I've listed in the right margin and is available at one of Chris Pinto's websites). 

Starts out with Spurgeon's exhortation to Christians that we all have the duty to pray against the Antichrist, which he identifies as Rome, and gets into what it means to employ our weapons of warfare which are not carnal but mighty in God for the pulling down of strongholds.  How this is a work for all Christians, with whatever abilities and opportunities the Lord has given us.

Then Spurgeon tells a very amusing sad story about a Catholic Frenchman who put together a book presenting the four gospels in a time when the Bible was forbidden to Catholics. The Pope "infallibly" approves the book, then later condemns it, having discovered that he wasn't supposed to approve of it.

The importance of such a book to Catholics who were forbidden to read the Bible.

Another story from Spurgeon's writings is about a good sermon he happened to hear in a Roman Church, which was preached by a priest who was really giving the truth about Jesus Christ, showing that sometimes even a priest gets it right. Great story.

Well, the priest Charles Chiniquy also got it right. There must be others within the Roman Church still who get it right.

And Pinto goes on about how many ordinary Catholics have a simple faith in Christ and don't understand the official Catholic doctrine, which may save them.

Yet, "Come out of her, My people" the Lord still says to them.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rome's Plots Against America from the beginning, through the Revolution etc.

This June 28 2011 radio show of Chris Pinto's was posted at You Tube and it gives a good general overview of the evil plots of the Vatican, especially in America, some of it through quotes from the 1888 book Washington in the Lap of Rome  by Justin Dewey Fulton.  Chris first sketches out how the Vatican fits the Biblical prophecies of the Harlot Church and its Antichrist work against the true Church.  The Inquisition, the rise of the Jesuit order and the Counter-Reformation designed to overthrow the Reformation, which continues into the present. 

He also touches on the misbegotten effort to make the American Founders into Christians and the role of Rome in the American Revolution, and how the concept of Religious Liberty is not what we've always thought it was but a Rome-designed door to her own influence in the nation.  The question of George Washington's apparently positive attitude to Rome and the possibility that he was a death-bed convert to Catholicism.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Jedwabne Massacre: A New Polish Film about a Historical Catholic Massacre of Jews

Chris Pinto's radio show today is about a Polish film that has recently come out, about a massacre of Jews in a small town in Poland during WWII, by the Catholic residents of the town, in keeping with the Catholicism-inspired Nazi murders of Jews.  Pinto touches on other similar stories he's covered in the past.
The Jedwabne Massacre

Here's a Jewish source on the massacre

And here's another

Monday, November 4, 2013

Another one from Chris Pinto: The Final Antichrist

Radio show 11/04/13: The Final Antichrist gets into many questions about the identity of the Antichrist as understood down the centuries, most of them, non-Catholic anyway, identifying the papacy, and how it all relates to the FINAL Antichrist as described in Revelation.

 Mentions that the familiar practice we often encounter today in discussions of end times prophecy, of guessing that this or that world leader is THE Antichrist, is "historically a Catholic thing to do," while Protestants have always identified him as the Pope. From quotes shows how it took Luther a couple of years to be convinced that the Pope is the Antichrist, then gets into quotes from Francis Turretin a century or so later, who also arrived at the conclusion that the Pope is the Antichrist.  

Some of the amazing claims of the papacy to be above all law, "the lawless one."

Some discussion of the meaning of the Mark of the Beast according to Turretin

Historical understanding of being forbidden by the Antichrist to buy or sell.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Prayer Request: Catholic Church Persecuting Bible Believers in Mexico

Chris Pinto starts out his radio show today with a plea for prayer for pastors in Mexico who are being persecuted by the Catholic Church there.  I've transcribed his email below, but you can hear the whole thing and Pinto's comments in the first six minutes of his show at this link:

(the rest of the show is a continuation of his discussion about the gun control movement in the wake of the Connecticut school murders, focusing on the situation in Australia, conclusing with some interesting comments about how the Church has been "disarmed" by the corruptions of the Bible..)

I've got to make this comment for anyone who listens to the radio show.  Pinto describes the evangelizing efforts in Mexico as "compeling" the Catholics to become Bible believers, and I know he doesn't mean that they were in any sense FORCING the people to become Bible believers, but for some reason Pinto uses the word "compel" at times when he really means "convinced" them. 

Here's the email:
"Brother Humberto Gomez just called me.  His Indian preachers from the mountains of Hidalgo have again been imprisoned by the Indian Catholic Church.  They are hanging up their bodies in torturous fashion, like the Inquisition, and threaten to switch to hanging by their necks until dead unless they sign a document recanting their nonCatholic Biblical faith. 

The government rarely intervenes in cases like this, Brother Humberto said.  It's on the news already in Mexico but though they've been imprisoned and tortured no help has arrivdes.  Please pray for for help to arrive quickly.  Please pray for these men of God to be rescued."

Then there is a note added  by Brother Humberto:

" Please keep praying.   they just pulled out all the brethren to the meeting place, all the Christian evangelicals have been beaten and they had the main pastor, Celestino Cruz Hernandez, hanging by his arms and are threatening to hang him by the neck if he continues to refuse to recant his faith. 

All the Catholics have the area surrounded so the rest will not escape and that the authorities will not come near.  The ladies and the children are very scared and they are not allowed to leave the village, and the Catholic leaders do not intervene."